Host and Legal Reporter

A prominent producer, investigative reporter and attorney, Harvey Levin is no stranger to “The People’s Court,” having served as the behind-the-scenes legal consultant and as Co-Executive Producer for 19 years. As the show’s host and legal reporter, Levin introduces the cases to viewers, and then literally takes “The People’s Court” to the people by polling fans who watch cases via monitor. These spirited discussions and debates regarding the cases and Milian’s decisions are then incorporated into the show. Levin also examines and explains the legal issues introduced in each case.

In addition to his contributions on “The People’s Court,” Levin serves as host and Executive Producer of TMZ and TMZ.com. Levin has made TMZ the go-to place for everything entertainment. Levin has guided TMZ to become one of the fastest growing and most successful brands ever launched on the Internet, and within seven months of its debut, it became the number one entertainment news website. Prior to launching TMZ, Levin served as creator and Executive Producer of “Celebrity Justice,” the nationally syndicated, half-hour news magazine.

Before reuniting with Ralph Edwards and Stu Billett, Executive Producers of the original “The People’s Court,” Levin spent more than a decade as the investigative reporter for KCBS-TV in Los Angeles. He has also served as a legal reporter covering high-profile court cases for a number of top CBS stations across the country, including the affiliates in New York and Chicago. Levin has received nine Emmy Awards and numerous other local and national awards.

For seven years, Levin was a legal columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Additionally, he has hosted radio talk shows for KABC-AM and KMPC-AM in Los Angeles.

Levin, a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School, began his career as a litigator at a prestigious Los Angeles law firm and has been a professor of law at three universities. He has also served as a consultant for the American Bar Association and testified before Congress on behalf of the organization.